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7 Fun Things to Do When You’re Totally Baked

Portrait of woman standing and smoking a cannabis joint

Looking to spice up your high beyond the usual couch surfing? You’re in for a treat. We’ve cooked up a list of seven awesome things you can do when you’re sky high.

  1. Nature Walk: Grab your stash and hit the great outdoors! Whether it’s a chill hike, a cozy park, or a laid-back beach day, nature and bud make an epic combo. Feel the breeze, listen to the birds, and let Mother Nature be your trip buddy. Getting high at the beach is unbeatable, but please make sure to be mindful of local laws.
  2. Art Party: Hold an art party with some friends. Break out the colors, grab a sketchpad, or go wild with a coloring book. Get creative and let those ganja-fueled ideas flow. Who knows, you might just create the next masterpiece!
  3. Make Some Munchies: Get creative in the kitchen by trying out mouthwatering recipes to satisfy your munchies and boost your productivity. When I’m high, I typically enjoy cooking Italian dishes with plenty of herbs and fresh vegetables.
  4. Zen Zone: Find your zen, light some incense, and let your thoughts float away. Cannabis can amplify your cannabis session, helping you find your inner peace.
  5. Jam Session: Create the ultimate playlist or experiment with new music genres. Whether you’re into mellow beats or trippy tunes, let the music take control.
  6. Crash Course: Wanna be a cannabis connoisseur? Check out Herbal Risings for a crash course. Learn about strains, history, and all things green. Get ready to drop some knowledge bombs at your next smoke sesh.
  7. Starstruck: Perhaps my favorite one of all, is stargazing with a good joint. Get away from city lights, lay back, and get lost in the stars. Weed and stargazing is like a match made in the cosmos. Feel the universe vibes and let your mind wander among the twinkling lights.
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