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Inside the Closet of a 420 Girl – Comfy and Hippie Vibin’

inside the closet of a 420 girl

Dabtender Hailee grew up in the cannabis industry where the phrase 420 girl was a common term. While some kids worked at the family restaurant, Hailee and her family organized 420 friendly events. Here are a few of her favorite wardrobe choices.

Whether you’re chowing down on some scrumptious food after work, or getting comfy at home, you can pull off the 420 girl look with ease and style!

You’re definitely a 420 kinda girl when you accessorize with a burrito! Keep it casual with a simple hoodie + some cute accessories, like my choker or reading glasses, to doll it up. Complete the look with a big, fat burrito! 🥰

Nothing completes a long day working at the dispensary like a big ole fat burrito! Here I am dining al fresco, embracing my inner 420 ganja girl in a simple hoodie and choker.

High socks, shorts, or a dress, and pig tails are a STAPLE for my 420 friendly look. High socks instantly bring a silliness, but still a respectable aspect to your look. It shows you are carefree and bubbly! Here are a couple different looks with the high socks + shorts.

420 americana girl
Looking truly Americana in Converse, tall socks, shorts, and pigtails in this smokin’ 420 friendly ensemble!
420 girl in vegas
Visiting the Grand Canal Shoppes in Vegas, in the perfect 420 girl outfit: a ponytail, tall socks, and rolled-denim shorts. Had a blast touring Las Vegas during the Marijuana Expo.

These adorable PJs are from Charlotte Russe and have a bell bottom pant with a slit going up the leg. It’s a total stoner girl hippy vibe outfit! I plan on looking for more pajama outfits for my work-form-home days!

420 girl pajamas for hippie chicks
I can’t get over how comfy this hippie girl pajama set is with slit bell bottom pants! Nothing beats style PLUS comfort!

See more of Hailee’s 420 friendly style tips here or catch her on instagram @emojayleno.

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