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Celebrating Cannabis: From Ancient Roots to Modern Times

Hey, friends! As 4/20 week kicks off, let’s have some fun and learn a bit about cannabis history. Did you know that people have been using cannabis for thousands of years? It’s true! From ancient times to now, cannabis has been a big part of many cultures around the world. Ancient Times to Today Back […]

Rolling Through Cinematic Highs: The Best Stoner Movies of All Time

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When it comes to cinema, there’s a genre that knows how to capture the chill, hazy essence of stoner culture like no other – stoner movies. These flicks have a groovy charm that resonates with audiences far and wide, whether you’re a dedicated stoner or just lookin’ for a good laugh. So, let’s pack our […]

Blazing Your Way Through College

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A Stoner’s Guide to Academic Success and Chill Vibes College life can be a wild rollercoaster, but is here to help you navigate the academic maze while maintaining your chill vibes. In this article, we’re diving deep into the art of balancing your studies, wellness, and having a good ol’ time, all with that […]

Indulge in a Peachy CBD Bliss Smoothie

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Savoring Moments of Calm in the Heart of Summer As the warm summer sun painted the world with its golden hues, a deep sense of serenity washed over me. It was a season of slowing down, of immersing oneself in the present moment, and finding solace in the gentle rhythm of life. In the midst […]

Fastest Way to Pass a Drug Test for THC

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Cannabis Educator & Advocate April Olshavsky shares her advice on the fastest way to pass a drug test for THC. Q: I took a fat dab last night, and now I’m freaking out because I have a pre-employment test tomorrow. What is the fastest way to pass a drug test for THC? A: So, you […]

6 Tips for the Best Dispensary Shopping Experience

Tips for a great dispensary shopping experience

Cannabis Educator April Olshavsky shares her tips on how to make your next dispensary shopping experience perfect. Q: When I visit the dispensary, I just get overwhelmed; too many items to choose. How can I actually have good dispensary shopping experience? A: I feel you. I find the shopping part to be the most interesting […]

U.S. Weed Legalization – Freedom to Choose

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Legalize Weed Facts  In one decade between 2001-2010, the U.S. police carried through 8 million marijuana-related arrests. That means every 37 seconds, a person was arrested for weed. Yet, the enforcement of these weed laws costs the U.S. nearly $4 billion, yearly, according to ACLU reports. So, what does this mean for the legalization of […]