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U.S. Weed Legalization – Freedom to Choose

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Legalize Weed Facts

 In one decade between 2001-2010, the U.S. police carried through 8 million marijuana-related arrests. That means every 37 seconds, a person was arrested for weed. Yet, the enforcement of these weed laws costs the U.S. nearly $4 billion, yearly, according to ACLU reports. So, what does this mean for the legalization of weed in the USA? Less money spent on over-policing and fewer individuals wrapped up in the criminal justice system.

The Demand For Weed Legalization Jobs is Growing

By the year 2022, the marijuana industry is forecasted to create over 330,000 jobs and will surpass the US steel and iron mill industries. The industry is actively looking for experts in various fields from accounting to compliance, customer service, sales, technology, and more. Plus, there are new jobs in categories that never existed prior to weed legalization, such as dispensary manager, budtender, cultivation director, trimmer, extractor, and more. Though many of these weed jobs require no special certification, it doesn’t hurt to complete a certificate program at someplace such as Herbal Risings or Oaksterdam to set yourself apart from the average joe.

Prohibition Impedes on Individual Freedom – Legalization of Weed USA

While the War on Drugs did very little to reduce the use of marijuana, what it accomplished was an unwarranted government intrusion of our freedom of choice. The reasons someone might use marijuana may vary from medical, recreational, to even spiritual. Marijuana is no more harmful to the body than alcohol or tobacco, which are heavily regulated by the federal government.

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weed legalization facts
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